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We are Inoventyk. We are a digital product agency offering custom software, mobile, and web application development consulting. We provide exceptional professional services in IT services, consulting, and full-stack engineering to bring brilliant digital ideas into being. We are your One-stop for ingenuity. Combined with an extensive domain knowledge since 2010, technological capabilities across diverse industries and use of proven methodology, we help the clients to achieve their...


We Design your website to speak for you when it comes to presentation of your company

Our Technical Team will make sure all requirements meet the functionalities of your app

We help you in maintenance of your website or web application on a reasonable fee

We make sure we meet your desired requirements when it comes to digital design


We’re not just designers, engineers, and developers. We are also film buffs, travelers, and foodies among many other things. Each of us brings a different perspective that translates to our craft and overall growth as a company. We respect and reward each other for that.

Paterne NSENGIYUMVA Chief Technical Officer

NKUSI Alain Technical Officer

TWAGIRAMUNGU Robert Technical Officer

MWESIGWA Allan Digital Artist

KALIMA Alain Digital Artist